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Hacked On The Highway

KEYE TV - 04/30/2015

Cars are getting smarter and smarter. But are they smart enough to foil a hack attack into its system? ... A car with some basic low end technology is about to be a sitting duck for researchers at Kaprica Security or for this exercise they will be the hackers.

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Kaprica Chosen by DARPA to Help Improve Vehicle Security

Army Technology - 12/16/2014

Kaprica will work with DOD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under a one-year, $270,000 contract to develop technology for the construction of high-security software systems under the agency’s High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program with Galois, Inc. “Car-to-car and car-t…

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This Smartphone Charger Also Hunts Down Malware

Gizmodo - 10/04/2013

The Skorpion is a jacked up smartphone charger that also scans for malware, viruses and malicious rootkits. It's stupid simple. Plug in your phone, and the Skorpion lets you know within two minutes if there's any malware on your phone. Within six minutes, it's done a comprehensive scan of the OS…

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Kaprica Skorpion Charger Sniffs for Malware

MIT Technology Review - 10/04/2013

Scanning a smartphone for malware with a charger offers more protection than security apps ever can. The Skorpion charger can be made to work with any smartphone operating system, but Kaprica does need to work with smartphone makers to ensure the Skorpion charger can work with their handsets.…

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Officials, Industry Preparing for More Mobile Government

The Washington Post - 04/28/2013

Herndon-based Kaprica Security too is working with the government as it gets its mobility security product off the ground. The early-stage company, with just eight employees, has received Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funding to advance its security technology.

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